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KEPA attends “Eye on earth” conference

KEPA delegation consiting of, Dr.sc. Ilir Morina, Chief Executive Officer and Dr.sc. Rifat Morina, responsible for cooperation with the European Environment Agency, attended the first conference of users "Eye on earth", which was held in Dublin, Ireland from 4th to 6th of March. The conference was organized by the European Environment Agency and its main aim was to address issues such as the environment, the economy and governance. Along with the motto "sharing of information is everything", this conference was intended to inspire the new users to contribute to the network "Eye on Earth", through the use of the new applications in support of environmental data and environmental information. more

Workshop on the Implementation of the EU Directive for access to Environmental Information and the Aarhus Convention in Kosovo

Kosovo Environmental Protection Agency / KEPA with the support of the European Commission / TAIEX (Technical Assistance and Information Exchange), organized a workshop on "Implementation of the EU Directive on access to environmental information and the Aarhus Convention in Kosovo" The purpose of this workshop was to strengthen the capacity of the national environmental institutions of Kosovo for the implementation of EU Directive on access to environmental information and the Aarhus Convention, for accession to environmental information, public participation in decision-making as well as the right to address the court on environmental issues more

Area of National Park is extended

With the adoption of the new Law on National Park "Sharri" (Law no. 04 / L - 087), it is extended also the territory of this protected area. Now the National Park "Sharri" includes an area of 53.469 ha. The extended part of the Park lies mainly in the municipality of Dragash. He initiatives to expand the National Park "Sharri" have been ongoing. In 2005, MESP, respectively Institute for Nature Protection continued the initiative for territorial expansion of National Park Sharr in Dragash Municipality. Reasonableness of the proposal from the Institute for Nature Protection was later supported and supplemented by other units of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning and with the support of UNDP and national and international experts the study is being finalized. During 2012 MESP has prepared the draft law for the National Park Sharr Mountain which was submitted to the Assembly for consideration and approval. more

Bjeshket e Nemuna, second National Park in Kosovo

With the adoption of the Law on the National Park “Bjeshkët e Nemuna", Kosovo has one more protected area with the status of National Park. This is the National Park “Bjeshkët e Nemuna” which includes an area of 62.488 ha and is located in the territory of Gjakova, Junik, Peja, Deçan and Istog municipalities. The territory decrated National Park, is known with rare nature values, large number of important forest ecosystem, important habitats of rare species, and reach characteristic of hydrology, geomorphology and landscape which have an science, educative – educational and tourism-recreational importance. more

KEPA concludes 2012 activities with promotion of two reports

The Kosovo Environment Protection Agency (KEPA) held a closing event of its activities for 2012, at which the Executive Chief of KEPA, Dr. sc. Ilir Morina assessed that the agency achieved a wide rang of results during the year for a better environment and its protection in our country.At the occasion Mr. Morina presented the reports prepared by KEPA: “Report on Environment Hotspots” and “Report of Air Quality”.The Deputy Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning, Mr. Ilir Mirena said that during the year thanks to the support of the European Commission an excellent work has been done in completing of the network for air quality control throughout Kosovo territory. more


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