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State of nature report 2010-2014

21.07.2015- Drafting of the Report on the State of Nature in Kosovo, is under the responsibility and a duty of the Kosovo Institute for Nature Protection, set out under Article 142 of the Law on Nature Protection.


The main purpose of the report is to inform the public about the state of nature, protected areas and biodiversity of Kosovo, however thorough this report it is aimed to inform the policy makers to be influenced on the improvement of the policies about the management and conservation of natural heritage values and biodiversity. This report can serve as a good guide to address the projects and support of donor on the nature protection sector.


The report includes information about the legal, institutional and strategic framework on nature sector, the state of nature conservation areas, biodiversity, rare species of plants and animals, forest ecosystems and ecotourism. Important parts of the report are the measures taken for the protection of nature as well as conclusions and recommendations.


The data presented in this report are collected during field visits by Kosovo Institute for Nature Protection, data provided by the management bodies of protected areas, as well as other governmental and nongovernmental institutions. Parts of the report are information from the laws, strategies, publications, reports and other relevant documents for nature protection.


The data of this report are mainly referred to the period 2010-2014, but in some cases because of the lack of data and comparing aspects here are presented some data from the previous period.


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State of nature report 2010-2014