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There has been Published the Resource Book on Sustainable Financing for Biodiversity, Ecosystems and Protected Areas in the Western Balkans

12.11.2020- Within the scope of the implementation of the project "Open Regional Fund for Southeast Europe - Biodiversity (ORF BD)", funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) there are developed several activities aimed at advancing regional cooperation for the integration of biodiversity issues in development planning.


The project provides key recommendations for further strengthening of the regional                    cooperation in the Western Balkans in terms of meeting international obligations on biodiversity conservation as well as EU-related obligations. In cooperation with the Sector Program for Implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity approved by BMZ and implemented by GIZ, the Western Balkans has been selected to pilot the latest training on sustainable biodiversity finance and basic knowledge provided to the key regional stakeholders.


In the component of ecosystem services assessment, seeing the urgent need for implementation of a comprehensive action on sustainable biodiversity financing, it was decided to move towards an integrated biodiversity approach in multilateral sectorial planning, and especially in financial planning, as a need to start the process of developing the capacity of stakeholders to seek new options and mechanisms that can provide the necessary funding for biodiversity conservation.


Reflecting on broad regional, European, and global problems, this Resource Book addresses the topic of why, and what funding mechanisms can be used to strengthen biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. Aiming to provide public sector environmental and economic planners with information on approaches and instruments for sustainable financing as well as real-world case studies, this resource book also aims to provide concrete lessons and recommendations on the needs, opportunities and ways that lead to the advancement of the financial sustainability of biodiversity, ecosystems and protected areas in the Western Balkans.


This Resource Book also includes a Glossary of Finances on Biodiversity and Protected Areas, aiming to ensure that we all speak the same language - and fully understand what lies behind the terminology, what is important for the sectors involved, and, finally, how to raise the awareness and utilize the untapped potential of integrated approaches.