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KEPA is not only a Government Institution, but a place where you can find information about the environment in Kosova. You can bring your questions and concerns regarding environmental protection...more

Poor condition of municipal waste sanitary landfills

The Directorate for Environmental Assessment of the Kosovo Environmental Protection Agency, in the framework of the working plan for 2021, has monitored and assessed the condition of sanitary landfills and municipal waste transfer stations. During the period February-June 2021, were monitored and evaluated the condition of the municipal waste sanitary landfill in the Peja region, the municipal waste sanitary landfill in the Prizren region and the municipal waste transfer station in Gjakova.more

Invitation to tender

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency is seeking a local project administrator in Pristina, Kosovo, with experience in environmental international projects, knowledge of Kosovo, computer literacy and more to perform mostly project administrative tasks in the project Environmental Capacity Building on Data use in Kosovo 2021-2023.more