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Approved the Report on the State of the Environment in Kosovo 2020 0

The Government of the Republic of Kosovo in its 39th meeting, had as item on the agenda the Review and Proceedings in the Assembly of Kosovo of the `Annual Report on the State of the Environment in Kosovo for 2020`. On this occasion, along with other decisions, the Government has approved the `Report on the State of the Environment in Kosovo 2020` and according to legal requirements has processed it for further discussion and approval in the Assembly of Kosovo. more

Several breeds of indigenous pigeons of Kosovo are taken under legal protection

17.08.2021- In the framework of nature protection activities, with the initiative of the Institute for Nature Protection, the Minister of MESPI, Liburn Aliu, through separate decisions has taken into protection several indigenous breeds of pigeons of Kosovo. By the approval of these decisions, the autochthonous species of pigeons: `Pigeon` of Peja, `Kryemusmi` of Gjakova, `Gjylia` of Prizren, `Piklani` of Peja,`Akrobatiku-Dyneku` of Kosovo, and `Kuti` of Drenica, are added to the Register of Protected Nature Values, maintained by the Kosovo Institute for Nature Protection. The main purpose of issuing these decisions is to protect these species by law and to determine the conditions of keeping. Also through these decisions, it is intended to protect these species from the risk of genetic mixing with foreign breeds, as well as from the risk of expulsion of these breeds for the purpose of crossbreeding with other breed types. more