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International conference - Environment Protection and Energy Efficiency -practices, opportunities, actions

Prezantimet e konferencës   

Konkluzionet e konferencës 

With motto "Into a New Kosova with clean energy and a healthy environment" , from 19-21 October in Prishtina will take place the international conference " Environment Protection and Energy Efficiency -practices, opportunities, actions" . The aim of this conference is that through common activities to identify the opportunities and mechanism for application of good practices of Energy Efficiency into municipalities, in function of environment and health protection.

The conference will consider the needs for legal and institutional framework completing, with regard to Energy Efficiency appliance at local level; contribute to the collaboration and activity coordination among responsible institutions for Energy Efficiency in both national and local level; identify capacity building needs; projects on awareness rising and other practical projects.

A key role of this conference is to bring to the discussion all important parties as Governmental Institutions, private sector, research institutes and NGOs. The conference will be organized by the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning / Kosova Environmental Protection Agency, in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy and Mining, the Ministry of the Local Government Administration, the National Institute for Public Health and the Association of Kosova Municipalities.

The conference will be supported from GTZ and Federal Ministry from Germany for Collaboration and Economic Development. Except, representatives of governmental and nongovernmental institutions from Kosova, in conference we expect to participate other representatives of institutions from the countries in the region and international experts from the field of environment protection, energetic and health.