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Within the framework of building institutional infrastructure and improving the affectivity and the results of environment protection, the MMPH has strengthened with a very important and promising institution, The Kosovo environment protection Agency (AKMM), which should fulfill the exiting gaps in the overall cycle of the environmental protection.

AKMM has been established according the to Law on environment protection 2003/9, article 39, item 1)

" ...as an institution within the MMPH, it will carry out the administrative, professional, supportive-scientific and investigative tasks in the filed of environment protection, protected natural zones, biologic diversity...".

The Agency has been organized based on the Administrative manual nr. 25, protocol no. 22/03.

On 06.06.2006 the KELP has nominated the Executive Chief.

With the decision of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning nr. 03/07, protocol nr 38 dated 05.06.2006, the AKMM has been put in function and the staff has been recruited.

In 2011, under the reorganization of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, based on the Strategic Development Plan 2010 -2014 of MESP; and pursuant to the Decision of the Government of Kosovo No. 09/26, the Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning signed the Administrative Instruction No. 13, on organizational structure, and responsibilities of the Kosovo Environmental Protection Agency.