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Approved the Report on the State of the Environment in Kosovo 2020 0

The Government of the Republic of Kosovo in its 39th meeting, had as item on the agenda the Review and Proceedings in the Assembly of Kosovo of the `Annual Report on the State of the Environment in Kosovo for 2020`. On this occasion, along with other decisions, the Government has approved the `Report on the State of the Environment in Kosovo 2020` and according to legal requirements has processed it for further discussion and approval in the Assembly of Kosovo. more

Several breeds of indigenous pigeons of Kosovo are taken under legal protection

17.08.2021- In the framework of nature protection activities, with the initiative of the Institute for Nature Protection, the Minister of MESPI, Liburn Aliu, through separate decisions has taken into protection several indigenous breeds of pigeons of Kosovo. By the approval of these decisions, the autochthonous species of pigeons: `Pigeon` of Peja, `Kryemusmi` of Gjakova, `Gjylia` of Prizren, `Piklani` of Peja,`Akrobatiku-Dyneku` of Kosovo, and `Kuti` of Drenica, are added to the Register of Protected Nature Values, maintained by the Kosovo Institute for Nature Protection. The main purpose of issuing these decisions is to protect these species by law and to determine the conditions of keeping. Also through these decisions, it is intended to protect these species from the risk of genetic mixing with foreign breeds, as well as from the risk of expulsion of these breeds for the purpose of crossbreeding with other breed types. more

The report of MESPI for Hydropower plants is published

11.08.2021 - The working group for "Review of administrative procedures implemented for hydropower plants and their impact on the environment", has finalized its work and presented the main findings through a report. This working group was established by decision of the Minister of MESP, Liburn Aliu, in order to review the legality of procedural and administrative aspects of allowing these HPPs. The group included experts from MESPI and its subordinate agencies. more

The Plant Atlas of Kosovo is published

16.07.2021- The Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure (MESPI), through the Kosovo Institute for Nature Protection, has supported the publication of the Kosovo Plant Atlas. This atlas is the result of several years of research work of local botany experts and is a very important publication in this field. In 2012, was published the Kosovo Plant Atlas, which contained data on a total of 902 plant species. Since then, the team of experts that participated in the design of this atlas, has continued field research and now brings photos and data on 228 other plant species, thus increasing the number to 1130 plant species, and including 1 / 3 of Kosovo plants, from about 3,000 plant species that are thought to be in our country. This document will be important for central, local, as well as academic institutions, because it contains important scientific data for our flora. These data are of particular value to the Kosovo Environmental Protection Agency, namely the Kosovo Institute for Nature Protection, because they enable the completion of the database and the creation of a detailed inventory of plant species in Kosovo. more

Photo competition on climate change impacts and solutions

The EEA’s new photo competition Climate Change PIX aims to capture what is all around us: changing climate and our responses to it. Send us your best photos by 1 August 2021 more


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