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Photo competition on climate change impacts and solutions

The EEA’s new photo competition Climate Change PIX aims to capture what is all around us: changing climate and our responses to it. Send us your best photos by 1 August 2021 more

National System of Fire Forest Information

In the framework of these activities, the Kosovo Environmental Protection Agency, as one of the partners and beneficiaries of the project, has hosted in separate meetings the team of Japanese experts (JET). The meetings were held at the Hydro-meteorological Institute of Kosovo and in the Directorate for Environmental Assessment, where they discussed bilateral cooperation with the project in providing data relevant to the National Forest Fire Information System (NFFIS), with a special focus on hydro-meteorological data, data on land cover, data on protected areas, as well as other data provided by KEPA.more

Call for forest protection and national parks from fires

According to the forecast of the Hydro-meteorological Institute of Kosovo / KEPA - MESPI, and according to the weather forecast these two days will be sunny and very hot weather. This meteorological situation comes as a result of hot air masses coming from the northern part of Africa. The UV index will remain very high and it is preferable to follow the advice of the NIPH, that from 9 am to 5 pm not to be exposed to direct sunlight more

The impact of hot air masses from North Africa has aggravated air quality in Kosovo

- During the last two days, an aggravated air quality situation has been observed, especially for Dust Particles PM2.5 and PM10, in some measuring stations managed by the Hydro- meteorological Institute of Kosovo. Severe air quality condition with parameters PM2.5 and PM10 is registered especially in the stations in Prishtina (KHMI and Rilindja) and in the station located in the mountainous area in Brezovica. more

Poor condition of municipal waste sanitary landfills

The Directorate for Environmental Assessment of the Kosovo Environmental Protection Agency, in the framework of the working plan for 2021, has monitored and assessed the condition of sanitary landfills and municipal waste transfer stations. During the period February-June 2021, were monitored and evaluated the condition of the municipal waste sanitary landfill in the Peja region, the municipal waste sanitary landfill in the Prizren region and the municipal waste transfer station in Gjakova.more


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