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The impact of hot air masses from North Africa has aggravated air quality in Kosovo

24.06.2021 - During the last two days, an aggravated air quality situation has been observed, especially for Dust Particles PM2.5 and PM10, in some measuring stations managed by the Hydro- meteorological Institute of Kosovo.


Severe air quality condition with parameters PM2.5 and PM10 is registered especially in the stations in Prishtina (KHMI and Rilindja) and in the station located in the mountainous area in Brezovica.


KEPA explains to the general public that this situation has come as a result of the current meteorological conditions in which our country is located. According to KHMI meteorological data, Kosovo is currently under the influence of hot air masses originating from North Africa.


Dust coming from this area of Africa, where the Sahara Desert lies, which has included Kosovo, has increased the values of dust particles.


The transport of dust and small particles of sand from the Sahara, is a phenomenon that often involves Europe and is manifested mainly by the presence of dust particles in the air.