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Call for forest protection and national parks from fires

According to the forecast of the Hydro-meteorological Institute of Kosovo / KEPA - MESPI, and according to the weather forecast these two days will be sunny and very hot weather.

This meteorological situation comes as a result of hot air masses coming from the northern part of Africa.

The UV index will remain very high and it is preferable to follow the advice of the NIPH, that from 9 am to 5 pm not to be exposed to direct sunlight.

Minimum forecast temperatures will range between 16-18 degrees Celsius, while daytime maximums forecast will range between 35-37 degrees Celsius.


High temperatures in the summer season, in addition to the negative impacts on human health, significantly increase the possibility of spreading forest fires, including forests in National Parks.

In order to prevent the occurrence of fires and their spread, MESPI / KEPA through the Directorate for Administration of NP "Sharri" and the Directorate for Administration of NP "Bjeshkët e Nemuna", has increased vigilance, preparedness, control and monitoring of the Parks territory.

In order to manage this situation more efficiently, the level of cooperation with all relevant bodies has been increased.


On this occasion, we appeal to all citizens of Kosovo and especially to visitors, residents of park areas, property users, and other citizens, to be extremely careful in preventing the occurrence of fires and their spread in the territory of parks.


We also inform you that based on Law No. 03 / L-233 on nature protection provide punitive provisions for lighting fires.

We ask from all of you, in case if you see any eventual fire in the National Parks, to report it to the contact numbers of the relevant Directorates:


The Directorate of the National Park "Sharri": 045 308 164 and 044 263 188.


The emergency numbers of some important institutions that you should keep in mind are as follows:
Firefighters 193;

Kosovo Police 038/192, and mobile 192;

Call Center within the Kosovo Police 112; AND

Ambulance 194 and 038/500 094.