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The Plant Atlas of Kosovo is published

The Plant Atlas of Kosovo is published


16.07.2021- The Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure (MESPI), through the Kosovo Institute for Nature Protection, has supported the publication of the Kosovo Plant Atlas. This atlas is the result of several years of research work of local botany experts and is a very important publication in this field.  


In 2012, was published the Kosovo Plant Atlas, which contained data on a total of 902 plant species. Since then, the team of experts that participated in the design of this atlas, has continued field research and now brings photos and data on 228 other plant species, thus increasing the number to 1130 plant species, and including 1 / 3 of Kosovo plants, from about 3,000 plant species that are thought to be in our country.


This document will be important for central, local, as well as academic institutions, because it contains important scientific data for our flora. These data are of particular value to the Kosovo Environmental Protection Agency, namely the Kosovo Institute for Nature Protection, because they enable the completion of the database and the creation of a detailed inventory of plant species in Kosovo.


Within the plant species included in this atlas, there are also endemic plant species from the Balkans and Kosovo, as well as rare and endangered species. Therefore, this document and these data will be a good basis for drafting policies, strategies and plans for the protection of rare and endangered plant species and their habitats. 


Raising awareness for the protection of biodiversity has a very special role in their protection and in recognizing the importance of plant species. We believe that publications such as this atlas, will contribute on increasing the awareness of all strata for the recognition and protection of biodiversity of plant species in our country.

Also, this atlas will serve also to the educational institutions of different levels, as a documentary material and practice, which will facilitate the introduction of the plant species of Kosovo and their spread. 


In the framework of the objectives for the protection of nature and biodiversity, central and local institutions should give special importance to the care and protection of Kosovo's natural heritage, through drafting of effective policies for the protection of rare and endangered plants and animal species and conservation of their habitats.


The Kosovo Institute for Nature Protection will also be engaged in deepening cooperation not only with relevant national institutions, which have responsibilities in the conservation of biodiversity, but also with international organizations, academic and research institutions, as well as with social civil organizations, in order to achieve our common goal of protecting our biological diversity and natural heritage.


Download:  Kosovo Plant Atlas