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Kosovo in the European Network of the Air Quality Index

19.11.2020 - After a continuous commitment of the Kosovo Environmental Protection Agency, within the scope of the cooperation program with the European Environment Agency, and with the support of projects from donors, Kosovo has managed to become part of the European Network of the Air Quality Index.


Within the scope of this network, in addition to monitoring data from all European countries, currently there are presented real-time data from stations of the national network of Kosovo on air quality monitoring. The data are provided for 12 stations and include 5 key air quality parameters: PM10 dust particles, PM2.5 dust particles, Nitric oxide (NO2), Ozone (O3) and Sulfur dioxide (SO2).


With the implementation of real-time reporting on air quality data, Kosovo has fulfilled another obligation in the process of reporting obligations to the European Environment Agency and the European Commission provided by the Air Quality Directive 2004/107/EC.


The European Air Quality Index  of the European Environment Agency offers to the users to understand more about the air quality where they live. Displaying real-time data (up to the minute) for the whole Europe, users can get information about air quality in their city, their country, region and across Europe and at the same time can make a comparison of the air quality in the respective areas.


For furhter information, please visit the portal European Air Quality Index — European Environment Agency