24 - Mjedisi | AMMK

Land cover for Kosovo for 2018, otherwise known as CLC has been realized for the second time in the territory of Kosovo by Kosovo Institutions.

This was done by the Agency for Environmental Protection, in the framework of its participation in the work program of the European Environment Agency-EEA.

The Corine Land Cover (CLC) Project, as part of the CORINE planning program, aimed to provide sustainable geographic information, located on the surface of land in European countries, through the creation of data from CLC. The basic purpose of CLC data is to provide an inventory about land surface characteristics for environmental management.

In the Balkan countries, the CLC for 2018 has been implemented with financial support from IPA funds. In the management of CLC2012, the Kosovo Environmental Protection Agency, through the European Environment Agency has cooperated with the European Center for Spatial Information and Analysis (QE-IHA).

The completion of this project, in addition to the environmental aspect, is of great importance for the spatial and economic development of the country. CLC is a solid basis for all activities with a spatial character starting from land use, spatial planning, agriculture, forestry, environmental protection, telecommunications, energy, economic development, etc.

All institutions of spatial character, now possess a concrete geo data base for land surface coverage at the country level updated in real time with solid accuracy, which will help you in calculations, analysis, planning and real decision-making in activities and relevant segments.