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Duties and responsibilities

One of the main pillars of KEPA is the Directorate of Environmental Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting. This Directorate will determine the main orientations and criteria on monitoring based on European and National environmental standards and indicators, will forward and receive information from all potential pests in Kosovo, such as energy, industry, transport, agriculture, forestry, etc. ,.

In a professional way, and based on verified data, it will bring information on the condition and quality of air, water, soil, on the state of nature and biodiversity, on the relations between the environment and health, waste; and other relevant information.

This directorate prepares and organizes monitoring in line with the requirements submitted by MESP, strategic plans and programs. Provides professional data for systematic, and ongoing monitoring of the state of the environment, natural values, natural resources of special values ​​and the impact on health in Kosovo.

Continuously collects data on environmental parameters and pollution indicators and monitors natural factors, changing environmental conditions and conditions related to water, air, soil, forest, biodiversity, noise, vibration and waste.

This directorate aims to perform chemical analysis, data processing and information, preparation of assessments and prior forecasting of potential environmental incidents.

The directorate performs regular calibration and maintenance of monitoring, sampling and laboratory equipment. The Directorate manages the verification of polluting installations, legal entities and private companies that have legal obligations in performing self-monitoring of emissions.
This directorate is also responsible for drafting general and sectoral reports on the state of the environment, drafting environmental plans and programs, as well as preparing brochures and other informative and educational materials.

This directorate has the task of cooperating with the European Environment Agency (EEA), and the European Environment Information and Observation network (EIONET). As well as with other local and international organizations.

This directorate is also committed to establishing and advancing sustainable development concepts in the field of environmental information and monitoring as well as defining and following up projects and programs for environmental protection as well as projects for risk reduction, environmental protection and monitors the implementation of various environmental projects.