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Clean air = HEALTH

09 January 2024


The Environmental Protection Agency of Kosovo (AMMK) in cooperation with the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) and the Swedish Embassy in Kosovo, have launched the campaign "Clean air = HEALTH". This initiative is an effort to sensitize and raise awareness of issues related to air quality in Kosovo, and the preservation of health from polluted air.

With the support of SEPA and the Swedish Embassy, AMMK has increased efforts and commitments to increase awareness of the impact of air pollution on the environment and health. Our campaign aims to raise awareness and educate the general public about the sources of air pollution and the impacts and consequences of polluted air.

 "The Clean Air = HEALTH campaign is one of our commitments and dedications to properly informing the public about air quality and the consequences of its pollution. Through this initiative, we intend to encourage all actors to contribute to the improvement of air quality through concrete actions and activities for a healthier Kosovo", said Afrim Berisha, Deputy Executive Director of AMMK.

Official from the Swedish Embassy: "We are proud to support AMMK in this crucial campaign. Collaborative efforts like these are essential to promoting environmental awareness and driving positive change. Together, we are striving towards a future where clean air is a reality for everyone in Kosovo."

The "Clean Air = HEALTH" campaign will use various communication platforms to reach and educate the public. This initiative is not only about spreading knowledge - it is also about fostering a shared commitment to a cleaner and healthier environment in Kosovo.

Video campaigns and regular social media updates will serve as key tools in this awareness drive. The campaign is a call to action, urging every individual and business to play their part in reducing air emissions and advocate for the implementation of sustainable solutions to reduce pollution.

Join us in this mission to ensure a healthier future for all.